Calvert Home Mortgage is an Alberta Private Mortgage Lender. Since 1982 we've financed over 5,634 properties in Alberta and have underwritten more than $478 million in mortgages.

Our goal has always been to provide clients with timely real estate financing alternatives to financial institutions, through in-house appraisals, legal work and client focused decision making.



  • Jesse


    “ I love our culture of developing meaningful relationships. Our entire team is focused on how to better service our clients; this includes team members within the organization, borrowers, mortgage brokers or shareholders. ”

  • Sherwin


    “ It's a tight-knit family like atmosphere and exciting place to work as we are continuously looking to creatively build our business. Also, we're always encouraged to provide input to improve anything in their work environment. ”

  • Stan


    “ Calvert is focused on people. One perk that we have is that Calvert would like to help employees achieve items on their bucket list. Last year; I was able to check “Learn How to Surf” off of my bucket list, thanks in part to Calvert. ”